Teacher Training Course



Teach your learners to never strike a “blank” again in a test or oral:

Teaching Comprehension Skills To Your Class!

Types of comprehension strategies

  • There are six main types of comprehension strategies

Teaching Strategies

  • Teach your learners how to Create a graphic organizer.

Teaching Problem Solving Skills To Your Class!

  • Teach your learners in 9 x Steps: How to solve word problems, it requires excellent reading comprehension and translating skills.

Teaching Listening Skills To Your Class!

  • If the learner’s in your class struggle with basic listening skills or seems distracted when others talk to him/her, you as the teacher can help to improve his/her communication abilities with few fun-filled games. Teach Effective Listening Skills and change habits.

Teaching the Elimination of Letter Reversals To Your Class!

  • The five factors that are key to mastery of proper letter formation
  • Recommended activities for the remediation of reversals.
Teaching Visual and Spatial Problem Solving Skills To Your Class!

  • Help the learner’s in your class to sharpen their problem-solving, logical reasoning and spatial relationship skills.
  • In this way, the teacher can clearly see where the learner makes a mistake. Tips will be given by the teacher to the learner:
Teaching Your Class How to Transcribe Successfully.

  • It is a pretty common problem with kids and there can be any of multiple reasons behind it.
  • Learn how to apply a Remediation Program for Learners who record work very slowly:
  • Teach learners eight steps when writing a paragraph.
  • An easy way for the learner to remember these steps is to think of the word: POWER.
Teaching Parent Intervention Tips To Teachers

  • When a parent gets involved in his child's education, he positively influences his child's chances of success. Kids whose parents are involved in their education tend to perform better than their peers who have uninvolved parents.

Teaching the teacher how to identify: The learner who experience barriers to learning in the Classroom.

  • The Manifestation of Problems in Children: Different kinds of problems
  • The teacher’s role in the identification of a learner with barriers, by observing the learner over a broad spectrum in different situations, the teacher can collect information which enables him/her to contribute to a better understanding of the learner.
  • Thus, Identification of Manifestations of problems by the teacher and learn who is the correct specialist to refer the problem to immediately.
  • Assessed by the correct specialist, for example, an educational psychologist or speech therapist, remedial therapist, occupational therapist.

  • Addressing All The Learning Styles In Your Class

    Different Learning Styles: Kinaesthetic Learners, Tactile learners, Visual Learners, Auditory Learners and Logical Learners.
    Teaching Teachers Only 3 x Steps How To Teach Their Learners To Answer Exam And Test Paper.

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Dr. Emsie Rheeders Education provides exclusive tutors in education to assist learners that experience barriers to learning!

Tutors are carefully selected, character screened and exclusively trained by Dr. Emsie Rheeders Education. Offering you the best quality tuition for your child. We cater for the exact needs of your child and tailor a tutoring solution to help you invest inexpensively in your child’s future.

We have a heart for change in our community, and provide many leaners in need with tutoring and education.

Parent feedback

Our objectives are:

  • To improve grades
  • Improve confidence in speaking and writing English or Afrikaans.
  • Provide a space for intellectual debate
  • Enable learners to develop active learning skills, whereby they identify the learning areas with which they need help, and take responsibility for their academic progress.
  • Develop the learner’s ability to work independently
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Ensure learners get practice doing the types of problems they will encounter in tests, assessments and exams.
  • Everyone works together, and ensures that the work is understood by every member of the group or individual before moving on to the next problem.

Ouerterugvoering: Brein profiel en balans.

Dankie Emsie, net 'n bietjie terugvoering oor Nicolas: Vir GS (wat ek jou die opsomming voor gestuur het) het sy punte met die A+ tegniek en breingym met 25% gestyg van 63% tot 88% van verlede termyn se toets. Met AW het sy punte opgegaan van 70% tot 90%. Hy het self gevra dat ek vir jou n e-pos stuur om te sê dit werk regtig.

Corlé Leeuwenhof Akademie

All parents interested in Exclusive Tutoring of their child that experiences learning barriers must first have their child assessed by Dr. Emsie Rheeders or one of her qualified assistants by doing a Scholastic and norm assessment test or a brain profile and balance. Following the assessment, feedback will be given to you, the parent/guardian personally during a one on one session. All information arising from the assessment will remain strictly confidential. Your child will then join the class at the centre most convenient to you.

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