With an Education Specialist.

Dr. Emsie Rheeders Education provides various assessments, programs and workshops, to empower parents and their children.

All the workshops and programs are specially designed for each individual child and has been proven to work wonders. Without further ado, click here to find out more

Dr. Emsie Rheeders

Education specialist

Higher Education Diploma, further Education Diploma: Leaners experiencing barriers to learning B.A-degree.

B-ed Honours degree: Special Educational Needs in behaviour and learning problems (Cum Laude), M-ed, D-Ed (Specialising in support systems available to learners that experience barriers to learning in the mainstream classroom, researched 220 schools in Gauteng).

Registered with SACE, ETDP SETA, Brain Gym and a Qualified Assessor.

Program for learners struggling with Afrikaans & English

For grade 1 to 10 at 8 Centres in Johannesburg South. (Also in Pretoria, Oudtshoorn and Vrede in Free-State)


Extra classes provided by Dr. Emsie Rheeders Education's own program, to help students (grade 1 to 10) who struggle with Afrikaans & English.

First I do a SCHOLASTIC DIAGNOSTIC AND NORM ASSESSMENT test for you the parent at a standard fee and type an assessment report for you and give you feed-back on a one-on-one basis. I will advise you in what area your child need assistance and will provide assistance via learning centre, tutor or “skype” lessons.

A child’s success and achievement at school are determined by her or his reading, spelling and mathematics skills.

Learners who experience problems with reading struggle to learn, and to interpret and answer their exam papers, with poor marks as a result. This under-achievement can lead to learners losing confidence, as well as developing a negative self-image and even behavioural problems.

Dr. Emsie Rheeders, in cooperation with teachers at the schools where I have learning centres, address the child’s learning problems through the use of a program that is based on applying the correct techniques and by repetition it is perfected, practice makes perfect! This service is offered with the permission of the various principals of schools. Learners who attend this program at school’s marks has improved from 13% to 74% in just three months.

If you are interested in your child participating in the program, one hour a week will be allocated to helping her or him at the school after school hours. The emphasis is on individual attention, as the class will consist of no more than eight learners. The cost is minimal per month for four one-hour sessions.

JHB South

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JHB South: -26.292492, 28.074532

Education locations:

  • (G) - General Alberts Primary School
  • (M) - Marais Viljoen High School
  • (H) - Harvest Christian College
  • (HF) - Hartford College


  • Transition from grade 3 to 4 (Parents sit in)
  • Transition from grade 7 to 8
  • Grade 4 till 7
  • Grade 8 till 12

The children of today will be the leaders tomorrow, and that is why it so important we teach our children to master the art of effective study and exam techniques.

By using different learning styles such as: visual, kinesthetic, auditory or logic and effective learning techniques such as: memory exercises: A+ memory card = 200 to 600 facts on one A4 page, summarizing, association, the Roman room, memory tree, comprehension- and exam answering techniques and imagery are some of the techniques that will be addressed.

Children are more likely to learn in a more effective way once they use effective learning techniques, you will find they will develop a love for learning that can last a lifetime.

Dr. Emsie Rheeders will run a ‘Highly Effective Study and Exam Techniques’ Workshop with your child for all grade 4 till 12 learners, two one-hour sessions. Each learner will receive a 40 page manual that they will take home to use for future reference.

Made a difference in the lives of more than a 1000 learners.

Finesse: Emsie Rheeders voel goed

I lecture and empower Teacher's with techniques and material that I have developed myself that can change the face of Education in South Africa and improve the quality of Education and increase our pass rate in South Africa, by empowering our teachers. I train teachers to do Brain Gym exercises daily with their learners. The trained teachers have found that the children are calmer, they can concentrate better, there is less conflict and their marks continuously improve. People often don't realise that learning disabilities and physical challenges often go hand-in-hand. For example, a child that lacks the strength in their gross-muscle groups to sit up straight or the ability to hold a pen properly - very often manifests as difficulty with writing. Often we don't even realise these little physical challenges in our own daily lives that hold us back. In our Brain Gym one-on-one sessions (called a balance) I will identify which physical skills may be inhibiting you and/or your child and then we work on developing those skills.

Grade 1's are coming with an inability to cross their mid-line. This eventually affects their reading, spelling and handwriting. I run a weekly program at nursery schools to assist the grade R learner with the transition from pre-school to grade 1. Addressing: handwriting, reading with comprehension, strengthening muscle tone, teach them to sit down and work effectively for a longer period, relax those children who are nervous and have no confidence. Brain Gym will give your child the ability to experience learning in a fun and practical way. Thabiseng was a child with learning difficulties. She was in grade 3, but her Math was on a grade 1 level, in spite of the extra lessons she received. During the consultations, we discovered her emotional wounds, which she had blocked-out. This emotional block also caused her Math problems. By healing her wounds and removing her block, her Math improved within weeks to the grade 3 level.

If you're looking for a form of team-building that is different from the traditional, then invite me as a Brain Gym facilitator to do a group balance. Here the group will set the goals they want to achieve as a group. I will take the group through a specialised program, to make it easy for the group members to work towards the goals together as a team. Will also discuss all the personality types and help you understand yourself and your colleague better.

Brain Profile and Balance done with your child:

I am Registered and Qualified with Brain Gym International: Neuro Integration Movements, Optimal Brain Organisation and In Depth: to address any emotional or behaviour barriers.

I will assist your child to perform better in:

  • Their sports
  • Be more focused and organized
  • They will start and finish projects with ease
  • Improve and overcome learning difficulties such as ADD and ADHD and dyslexia
  • New levels of excellence will be achieved
  • Your child will relax and overcome anxiety: definitely lower anxiety levels.
  • Think clear and focus during exam and formal testing!
  • Get rid of any emotional stress during formal assessment!
  • Will teach your child to relax and eliminate any environmental stress and let the brain focus!

If you are interested in a Brain profile and Balance only a one-time consultation which I empower you as a parent and your child. I am doing it at a SPECIAL price, duration = 1 x Hour.

We have a heart for change in our community, and provide many learners in need with tutoring and education to help them to reach their full potential in life!

Every life is a story, let us make your child’s life story a Best Seller!

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